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Token Management System

Defense Message System Solutions

3S Group Incorporated presents the revolutionary Token Management System (TMS). TMS facilitates the creation and generation, management and administration of FORTEZZA (and non-FORTEZZA) tokens, keys and certificates throughout their lifecycle.

The key advantage of the 3S Group Token Management System for Defense Message System administrators is that this system provides a solution that can remotely key as well as re-key hardware based class 4 certificates in FORTEZZA as well as non-FORTEZZA tokens.
Detailed overview of the Token Management System

TMS Solution Components:

  • T2CSS - Type 2 Cryptographic Support Server
  • Enhanced CAW Adapter (ECA)
  • Certificate Management & Registration Tool (CMART)
  • Token Manager (TM)
  • Registration Manager (RM)
T2CSS Board
Enhanced CAW Adapter

The Token Management System (TMS) provides the ability to totally manage FORTEZZA as well as DoD tokens and certificates anywhere over their lifecycle without the hassles. Our complete Solution will minimize administrative overhead and reduce logistics, operations and maintenance costs. More Info

The T2CSS, in full or mini, provide a high performance cryptographic engine accessible by users or applications via multiple concurrent sessions using multiple virtual tokens. More Info

Complimenting our two versions of T2CSS, we have our Enhanced CAW Adapter (ECA). The ECA works within the existing DMS FORTEZZA® Certificate Management Infrastructure (CMI) and provides our customers with additional capabilities to remotely key and re-key T2CSS PCI board and VFCs, thereby facilitating electronic lifecycle certificate maintenance. It is an intelligent card reader with a variety of interfaces such as PCI, PC, SCSI, USB, network and others. The CAA is also designed to support our FORTEZZA® tokens. More Info

Certificate Management & Registration Tool (CMART) facilitates the administration of the keying & re-keying process from registration to installation. CMART provides a management console to register, monitor, import, etc. certificates into the T2CSS. CMART can provide the same support to other FORTEZZA tokens. More Info

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