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Enterprise Wide Area IP Network

Increase Speed and Security

Stronger Encryption with No Latency Penelty

3S Group’s Security Gateway is a high-performance server consisting of Linux based hardware and software solutions for many aspects of an IPSec Virtual Private Network. The Security Gateway provides hardware-based encryption and authentication with the lowest possible latency. It enables easy formation of intranets, extranets, and multi-party VPNs, while ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of the data traveling across networks. It delivers advanced security features in an easily managed package. It offers VPN routing and IP packet filtering which are essential to an IPSec VPN, in one easy to install package.

The 3S Group Security Gateway provides a unique combination of VPN and firewall features. In addition to high performance and advanced security, it is easy to use and easy to manage.
    • Hardware based encryption and authentication using dedicated encryption and authentication components such as high-speed IPSEC processors ensures high performance.
    • PCI-based board with multiple cryptoprocessors to handle multiple packets simultaneously
    • Integrated firewall features such as IP packet filtering and prevention from various attacks (IP spoofing, VPN spoofing, fragmentation attacks, ICMP redirects)
    • Multi-site to multi-site encryption is performed using different Security Associations (SA) for each participating host




  • IP packet forwarding
  • Multiple boards facilitate redundancy and scalability
  • Concurrent sessions and tunnels constrained only by the memory on the board
  • Dynamic key management based in the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol
  • Standards-based interoperability and compliance with IPSEC standards
  • VPN configurations include LAN-to-LAN, host-to-LAN and host-to-host

This graph shows the 3S product easily surpassing the competition in the most demanding of cryptographic challenges. Compared to typical servers that perform the encryption functions onboard, using the 3S Group IPSec, your data througput performance will far exceed these industry leading results.

By off-loading the cryptographic processing from the host system the 3S Group Cryptographic Services Provider (SCP) provides the highest performance server systems available today.

IP/Sec Board Picture

Linux (PCI version)

Since its inception, 3S Group has provided information systems security consulting services to the Government and private industry.
Interested in very high speed, fortress-safe data security? 3S Group wants to discuss options tailored to your business. Please call or send us an e-mail today.

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